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train brake parts

Components and their functions The train braking device consists of the air supply system and automatic brake valve installed on the locomotive, the brake and the foundation brake device installed on the locomotive and the vehicle separately, and the brake pipe running through the whole train ( Also known as brake pipe). The entire braking system is filled with compressed air. The air supply system includes an air compressor and a total air cylinder, whose function is to supply the compressed air required by the entire system. The air compressors of diesel locomotives and electric locomotives are electric, while on steam locomotives, they are driven by steam engines, called air pumps. The automatic brake valve is a device used by the locomotive driver to operate the train braking system. The driver pulls the handle of the automatic brake valve to control the exhaust or air filling of the brake pipe to make the brakes installed on the locomotive and vehicles act.

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train brake parts


train brake parts




train brake parts




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