Tianjin Yaxing Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd.

A professional manufacturer integrating the design, development, manufacturing, and precision machining of large, medium, and small, precision, complex die-casting and die-casting products

Corporate culture

Business Philosophy 
Run an Enterprise Honestly
1.Be honest, contract-keeping and legal-abided;
2.Be customer first and service first.
Act Honestly
1.Be frank and non-discriminatory;
2.Don’t beat around the bush and do things sincerely;
3.Impress clients by practical actions.
Behave Honestly
1.Be sincere to make more friends;
2.Be principle and flexible, and win customers with emotions;
3.Be polite, respect others and resolve contradictions.
Spirit of Yaxing
The dedication spirit of responsibility
1.Be loyal to one’s enterprise and occupation;
2.Dedicate own wisdom willingly;
3.Realize personal values by achieving corporate values.
The spirit of hard work
1.Keep Yaxing’s Entrepreneurship in mind and carry forward fine tradition;
2.Cultivate excellent quality of no afraid of hardship;
3.Build up the enterprise with thrift and hard work and oppose extravagance and waste. 
The spirit of struggling
1.Be self-pressurized to take responsibility;
2.Be confident when facing a new task;
3.Finish all tasks on time.
The spirit of holistic thinking
1.Set up holistic awareness and cultivate team spirit;
2.Put corporate interests on the first place, opposing collectivism and individualism;
3.Strengthen the cooperation between departments and staff, and focus on sequence;
The spirit of masters
1.Link personal fate with that of the enterprise;
2.Correct the relationships between a person and an enterprise and put the latter’s interests on the first place;
3.Show the master’s image when speaking and acting.
Management is a permanent topic
1.An enterprise cannot survive without management, because management is the foundation of survival and development;
2.We should seek the administrative rules of market economy and enhance management with modern methods;
3.We should strengthen management, especially effective ones.
Innovation is the soul
1.Innovation is the key to make an enterprise vital;
2.we should set up new ideas and new concepts in facing of new situations and new tasks;
3.We should innovate in management and technology positively.
Customers are the god
1.We should set up the idea of “customer are the god”;
2.The factor to gain benefit is customers;
3.We should enhance Yaxing’s credibility by high quality and fine service.
Basic Staff principles
1.Coordinate each other in the tenet of “united and cooperative”;
2.Be progressive and persistent;
3.Have a modest and resolute personality;
4.Be friendly to everyone and work hard every day;
5.Don’t forget repaying those who help you.